Aqua Hair Tape In Hair Extensions -

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One of the hottest trends in salon’s is tape-in hair

extensions, a full head of hair extensions can be

installed in less than one hour. Aqua tape-in

extensions are 100% Remy human hair and cuticle

intact so that you have the highest quality product.

Aqua offers top-of-the-line medical grade tape to

insure the maximum efficacy with the minimal

damage to the natural hair. Tape in extensions lay

seamlessly in the hair to give a natural look and

feel, to add length and volume!

Care Instructions:

Avoid getting hair wet for 24-48 hours after

installation. DO NOT use any products that

contain alcohol, ethanol or oil.

(These can cause the bonds to slip or

become compromised)

DO NOT go to bed with your hair wet.

DO NOT apply direct heat to the tape.

DO NOT try and color these at home.

It is recommended to pull hair in a low pony tail

or braid when sleeping, exercising, or swimming.

DO NOT remove these extensions on your own,

please see your professional stylist.

Use a good hydrating leave in conditioner especially

on the ends of your hair. When brushing start at the

ends and work your way up, be gentle.

Use hydrating shampoo and

conditioner especially on the ends of your hair.